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Q: What is the Smart Motion Detection?

During the Parking:

  • When parking mode is ON, the dash camera records at 10fps.
  • When parking is OFF, the dash cam continuous recording at 30fps.

When parking mode is ON and motion detection is OFF, the dash camera continuous the recording at 10fps. When parking mode is ON and the motion detection is ON, the dash camera bstarts the recording at 10fps only when there is movement detected.

Q: What is the Parking Mode?

Parking mode means that if you do not drive the car and the parking condition to record and store for a long time. In the case of a product which uses a 3-wire constant power cable, if the ACC power is cut off after parking the car, it will enter the parking mode right away.

When entering the parking mode, the dash camera recording frame (FPS) is automatically changed from 30 FPS to 10 FPS, In other words, the parking mode can be recording to 3 times than normal (driving) mode.

Q: What is the LBP?

It is equipped with the voltage management function which is installed to protect the battery of the customer who uses the LBP and the dash camera.

LBP is the implication of Low Battery Power.

The dash camera is a function that protects the battery of the customer by cutting off the power by oneself. (The purpose of saving the minimum power of the vehicle battery so that the vehicle can be started)

In the case of LBP voltage management system, it can be set in five steps of 11.3V, 11.5V, 11.8V, 12V, and 12.3V, The dash camera will be turned off when you keep it below the reference value for 5 minutes.

Configurable Voltage


Power Off 11.3 V 11.5 V 11.8 V 12 V 12.3 V


Q: What Kind of recording mode dose G-net have?

We have 4 type of Recording mode.


Normal Recording

- It starts recording when power is connected

- Security LED flickers once every 2 seconds

Event Recording

Impact Mode

- If there is impact or shock, the REC LED will flicker and record in event mode

- After event recording is finished, it will be automatically changed to normal recording mode.

Event Recording
Parking Mode

- When the ACC voltage is released, the parking mode automatically operates in 10 seconds.

- It is recorded with 10 frame in order to extend recording time

- Security LED flickers every 4 second

- If it connects with ACC voltage, it will switch to normal recording mode.

Event Recording
Motion Detection Mode

- Under parking mode, it records if there is any movement within a range of 3M

- Security LED will blink faster

- If the movement finishes, it returns to parking mode again


Q: What is the G-Sensor?

G sensor (Gravity Sensor), is a sensor that recognizes movement or tilting of an object due to gravitational action of the Earth.


X axis: Shock and acceleration (+) and deceleration (-) in front and rear are displayed in red.

Y axis: Shock from left (+) and right (-) side and left and right movement (left turn, right turn) are displayed in green.

Z axis: Shows the shocks in the top (skyward +) and bottom (ground direction -) in blue.

Q: How to use Products Stably?

1. Swipe dash cam lens regularly. Fingerprint and dust on lens are one of issue to make Blurred video quality.

2. Please check if you dash cam is properly working or not. It may not correctly work from errors such as memory card faulty and poor contact of cigar jack.

3. If user use constant power cable, please check, and format the memory card once in a week. - Basically, our products support format –free function for user’s convenience.      But, it may strain for memory card while it is reading / writing. Also, the files in memory card get failure by excessive work.

4. Please separate power jack when you do not use car for long time.    - The trickle consumption even if car engine is off from car battery will cause out of battery sometime.

Q: Dash Cam dose not turn on?

A. [Using Fuse cable]   A. If input voltage goes down below LBP(lower battery protection) value setting, dash cam interrupt power itself to protect car’s battery.

B. Please check dash cam operation after turn on car and charge car battery.

C. If dash cam does not work after firmware update, it is caused by update failure which case need to be sent to customer service centre.

Q: Hearing “Ding-Dong” sound coming from Dashcam whilst driving.

A impact detection sensor inside dash cam detects impact or when dash cam detect curve while driving, there is buzzer sound like Ding-dong with frequent LED blinking. It means that dash cam is correctly working.

If the sound from device bothers you, you can configure sound and buzzer to turn on/off via dedicated viewer.

Q: Where can I Download App on my phone?

Get it on Google Play


Get it on Apple Store


Q: How long is warranty?

Please contact your selling Dealer

Q: What is Parking Mode on Dashcams?

Dash cameras are designed to record when you are driving your car, capturing everything in front and behind if you get a 2-channel system, or just the front or back if you get a 1 channel system. In the simplest terms parking mode is CCTV for your car that captures the same footage when you are not driving your car. This can help you to catch intentional or unintentional damage caused to your car when it is parked.

Q: How does parking mode work?

Normally parking mode is automatically activated when you turn your car off, it uses internal sensors for different recording reactions to occur:

  • Motion sensitive recording; detects someone/something near your car.
  • Impact sensitive recording; detects contact with your car.

Parking mode is designed this way so that when you are away from your car, only targeted footage is recorded, this means less footage is created/overwritten which is important for SD card health, and means lower power consumption as the dash camera(s) are effectively in a hibernation state when not in use.

Q: What are the power methods? 

When your car is running the dash cameras get power from the car, when the car is parked there are two options:<

  • Hardwire kit: connects dash cameras to run off the car battery and shut off at a certain voltage to prevent flattening your car battery
  • Battery pack: Separate battery that is charged when you drive, providing power when parked (extra cost involved)

Our kits come standard with, a hardwire kit, the reasoning is simple, car batteries are larger than any battery pack option, and are designed to stop and start regularly and therefore provide a more reliable power source.

Q: How long will parking mode Record for?

There are many Factors that that can and will effect this. Size and health of your car battery or battery pack

  • Voltage cut-off point if hardwired to car battery
  • How often vehicle is driven (keep battery always fully charged).
  • Busy areas mean more motion detection recording, using the power more quickly
  • Recording settings
Q: What is the make-up of Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating?

Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating represents the latest in Vehicle Surface Coatings. All ingredients are in a Nano sized state. Previous generation coatings just contained Silicone Dioxide, often referred to as Quartz or Glass coating, whereas Surface Coating, while including this as a base material, also adds Silicone Carbide (SiC) to the formula. Silicon Carbide provides much harder coating meaning longer durability and much improved resistance against heat and abrasion.

Q: What advantages does Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating have over other Ceramic/Glass coatings?

The addition of Silicon Carbide, one of the hardest materials that exists, is the paradigm difference. Its extreme tolerance to heat, acids, alkalis, abrasion is 4 times higher than conventional Silicon Dioxide based ceramic coatings.

The overall resistance of Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating provides enduring gloss and protection to the OEM paint and clear coat that is not provided by any other coating on the market.

Q: What advantages does Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating have over other Ceramic/Glass coatings? 

The addition of Silicon Carbide, one of the hardest materials that exists, is the paradigm difference. Its extreme tolerance to heat, acids, alkalis, abrasion is 4 times higher than conventional Silicon Dioxide based ceramic coatings.

The overall resistance of Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating provides enduring gloss and protection to the OEM paint and clear coat that is not provided by any other coating on the market.

Q: What is Silicon Carbide?

Silicon Carbide is one of the hardest materials in existence. Due to its incredible strength it is a key component in items such as bullet-proof vests. Silicon Carbide is also used in Carbon Ceramic brakes due to its heat resistance and low thermal expansion.

Q: What is Nano Technology?

Nano represents the size of the particle. A Nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter. 1 million times smaller than a millimetre. These particles are only visible under an electron microscope

Q: What benefit do Nano Particles bring? 

Paint and clear coats under a microscope are uneven and have tiny air bubbles and microfine scratches throughout the surface. These imperfections refract light unevenly which effects the depth of gloss that the eye detects. A totally flat surface refracts light without distortion and therefore provides a much clearer image (deeper gloss). Nano particles, due to their microscopic size, fill in all of the microfine imperfections, therefore providing an even flat surface

Q: How hard is Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating? 

Conventional Quartz based coatings have a hardness of 7h on the Mineral Ordinal Hardness Scale (MOHS). Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating has been independently tested and returned a 9h reading. As the scale is logarithmic the difference between 7h and 9h is 4 times harder.

Q: What preparation is needed prior to application? 

This will vary from vehicle to vehicle. All cars must be washed and clayed first. Any minor scratches, bird stains, water marks, swirls, holograms must be removed with the appropriate Carbon Compound and Carbon DA machine. After compounding, we recommend the use of the Carbon Compound Fluororesin to be used on the vehicle instead of any such polish that may contain silicone or wax. Only when you are satisfied that all imperfections have been removed apply Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating.

Q: Can it be used on glass? 

Yes, Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating is also an excellent glass protector as well. However, we advise not to coat the windscreen of the vehicle to avoid chattering of the windscreen wipers.

Q: How long does the Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating take to cure? 

The initial curing time for Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating is roughly 24.

However, the coating continues to harden for up to 3 months.

Q: Can I wash the car normally? 

After 24 hours the car can be washed. See our Nano-Ceramic Surface Coating Maintenance Guide for further information on how to wash and maintain your vehicle when applied with Nano- Ceramic Surface Coating.


Q: Is tinting car windows legal?

This question tops our car tinting FAQ list. Tinting car windows is perfectly legal, as long as the tint film used is not darker than the legally imposed darkness limit. Our range of tint film ranges from transparent to the darkest legal tints for you to choose from. Speak to our friendly team of professionals who are more than happy to walk you through your options in tint shades that match your personality and lifestyle.

Q: How long does window tint take to dry?

Once the film is applied it is recommended that the wind up windows are not used for a minimum of 48 hours to allow the edges to dry up and tack to the glass properly. Realistically it can take up to 4 weeks for all the moisture to evaporate out of the film.

Q: Will the window tint turn purple and go bubbly?

The vehicles that you see going around with purple tint is due to the film being of low quality. These are known as basic dyed films. When the dye dries out it causes it to fade and delaminate which creates all them unsightly bubbles.

All our films are of high quality and are warranted against fading, bubbling, delaminating and cracking for the life of the vehicle.

Q: What is the best way to clean my windows?

It is important to use an ammonia free glass cleaner for your windows if you have window tint applied. Ammonia based cleaners can dry out the film and eat away at it. For a streak free clean, use a low lint cloth or microfiber towel.

Q: Do you offer tint removal services?

Yes we do, please note that during the removal of the window film we will follow all necessary procedures to remove the film in the safest way possible however there is a possibility that rear demisters can fail and attach to the film. This is due to weak demisters from factory or the demisters deteriorating due to age and exposure. In the event of the demisters are damaged during removal of the film we will not be held liable for this and is at the owners’ own risk if they wish to have this procedure carried out.

For further information, speak to our team of tint experts for personalised advice and product recommendations based on your tint job.


Q: Will I have to reapply Ceramic Coat? 

No, you will not need to reapply Ceramic Coat. The product is professionally applied by your selling dealer.

Q: How often should I clean or polish my vehicle? 

A regular wash with mild soap (not dishwashing detergent) and water will be all your vehicle requires.

Q: Can I use a carwash? 

Certainly. A simple wash and dry cycle will not affect the Ceramic Coat and may be the best

Q: Can I use any vehicle shampoo? 

Yes, although we do advise you to choose a leading brand, or see if your dealership stocks Ceramic Coat car wash.

Q: How quickly should I remove bird droppings†? 

Ceramic Coat is guaranteed to resist the effects of bird lime, but it’s still best to remove it before it bakes on. Use a little car shampoo to loosen it before you wash, but please, no scraping!

Q: If the vehicle sustains accidental damange, will I need to have it recoated?

In the event of an accident, Ceramic Coat will be reapplied where necessary as part of the insurance claim*. *This will be paid by yourself and claimed back from your insurance company.

Q. How do I proceed with a Williams Warranty claim? 

Please contact Sentry

†Bird lime must be removed within 21 days.